Maintaining a Safe Doberman Puppy Home

Regardless of where you plan to keep your Doberman Pinscher puppy, the entire house should undergo a minimum amount of puppy proofing. The term “puppy proof” is misleading however. Like a waterproof watch, the reality it that nothing is puppy proof, rather puppy resistant.

A puppy can even find ways of hurting himself in his kennel. A few times I have ushered to the rescue of a kenneled puppy. One little girl, and I think this has happened to a few others as well, got her jaw stuck open and trapped around some kennel bars. A little boy I remember emitting a terrible cry until I was able to free his little toe from a gap in the kennel door.

Regardless, the kennel is the safest place for a puppy outside of your supervision. That is why a puppy should always be kenneled when you are unable to keep a close eye on him.

I have outlined a few rules that should be applied to the entire house. Also, understand that simply placing something out of reach of a puppy is insufficient. Puppies grow and puppies learn. Out of reach will only last so long.

Items toxic to dogs should be secured. Some items are toxic to dogs that one may not immediately associate with toxicity. See the following list of some of the things that can harm your Doberman puppy. Most of these items, including all toxic items, should be secured in a location inaccessible to even the smartest Doberman puppy. Other items on this list, such as trash cans, that are not easily secured should become part of the puppy’s initial training.