Become an Expert Before an Owner

The fact that you are on this website reading this article means you have already begun your Doberman puppy preparation process. The first step is educating yourself and that’s what this website is for.

Before considering the Doberman breed and well before bringing home a Doberman puppy, it’s essential for the Doberman owner to become an expert on the Doberman breed.

The Doberman is not a particular difficult breed. I have read much material that would seem to indicate this. Likely, this material is produced in an effort to discourage people unwilling to dedicate adequate amounts of time and energy to a dog and who would discredit the Doberman breed. In fact, the Doberman is not unlike any large dog. The main difference is in the puppy stage. Doberman puppies are truly evil! They are also wonderful and grow into the ultimate family companion and protector.

Since the information revolution, the best place to start learning something new is on the World Wide Web. Reading websites built by loving fans of the Doberman, like this one, will give you a great start. Actually, my plans for this website are to offer any and all information a Doberman owner needs. The trouble with information on the www is credibility. I have read plenty of erroneous information on many subjects ominously perched in cyber space.

Besides websites, online forums are great. A forum is a place for individuals to participate in discussions. You can simply read other people’s discussions or create a username and participate yourself. For credible information, a busy forum is excellent. If false or misguided information is posted, other users will refute it, usually with great zeal.

Online forums are a great place to ask questions and get answers. They are also good for networking and generally absorbing information. Just remember the rules of the web and don’t post personal information.

Another good source for Doberman information is books. When I start on a new subject, I like to get a book covering the overall subject. This helps me find my next direction. After learning about the Doberman in general, your next direction might be Doberman training. Or perhaps a particular aspect of the Doberman world such as health issues, particular blood lines, or a particular activity. You can then get your next book on that subject.

The entire family should participate in this education. No one should be left out, especially not children. Children should be prepared for the puppy by understanding their responsibility and proper behavior around a dog. It should be emphasized that the puppy is to be respected and that the child’s behavior around the dog directly affects the dog’s behavior.

This information will not only help you decide if the Doberman breed is the right breed for you, it will also prepare you to get the most out of your relationship with your Doberman and avoid many of the common problems more impulsive Doberman owners inevitably face.