Half Doberman Half ????

Some of the best dogs in the world are mixed breeds. Intentionally mixing a breed is considered by many breeders to be irresponsible. However, if good health and temperament are the main goals of the breeding project, the breeder is extremely knowledgeable about both breeds, and only the best dogs available from both breeds are used, it’s difficult to criticize such activities. After all, the Doberman was created only 100 years ago by Karl Dobermann in a similar fashion.

During my breeding years, many of the Doberman parents who came to me in search of a Doberman Pinscher did so after having a mixed breed Doberman. These people were so impressed with their former dog’s dedication, temperament, and attitude that they wanted their next dog to be a full world class Doberman Pinscher.

It’s always difficult to predict the attributes of a mixed breed. A half Doberman half Golden Retriever, for example, may look just like a regular Golden Retriever but have the sharp mind and strong temperament of a Doberman. It may turn out just the opposite, looking like a shaggy Doberman but showing the easy going temperament of the lovable Golden Retriever. The result of such a breeding could also produce something right in the middle.

The advantage of the mixed breed is that both parents will have vastly different genes, so a genetic disorder will unlikely find a match, preventing the disorder from manifesting.

There are disadvantages as well, especially when the two breeds have different body structures. A small breed female will certainly have labor problems if bred to a larger breed. The resulting dog may also turn out with a combination of attributes that leave it at a disadvantage such as a weak frame, disproportionate body, or weight problems. Temperament problems can also result, especially if the two breeds mixed are aggressive breeds.

Regardless, for a dog owner unable or unwilling to make the expense for a well bred full breed, rescuing a mixed breed is the way to go.