Male vs. Female Doberman Pinscher

Is One More Aggressive or Trainable?

During my years of breeding, the biggest question my Doberman puppy parents posed was whether to bring home a male or female. The consensus among these people was that a female would be easier to train and less likely to show aggression.

However, also during my years of breeding and my current training and handling of the Doberman Pinscher, I have not found this to be the case. If any difference with regard to aggression was observed, the female puppies, being smaller than the males, had to be a little more aggressive to keep from being pushed around by their larger littermates.

Both male and female Dobermans are strong willed and highly trainable. A strong will is important in a dog because once it is properly trained the strong will turns into obedience. Besides being highly intelligent, the Doberman’s voracious need to please his handler contribute to his high trainability, both male and female.

The main difference between the male and female Doberman is size. The male is much larger than the female, often by two or more inches of height and 20 to 30 pounds in weight. Much of this size is due to increased muscle mass in the male. Healthy male Dobermans are muscled like body builders while the females are more smooth and elegant.

Additionally, I have an opinion on a difference between male and female Dobermans based on the many Dobermans we have raised and worked with. I have found that the females are a bit needier of affection while males are more independent and a little goofier.