The most recognized color of the Doberman Pinscher is the black and rust; so much so that many people don’t realize the Doberman naturally produces three other colors. This is despite the fact that many dogs throughout the Doberman’s ancestry have been red and rust, including Roland vd Haide, a red male who was a prominent originator of the Doberman breed.

The Doberman originally produced mainly black and rust, and red and rust; which are still the most common colors. Red is the recessive of the two. This means for a puppy to be born with a red coat, both parents must carry the red gene.

To understand color inheritance, one must have basic knowledge of genetic inheritance. In genetics, the genes carried are referred to as the genotype. The genes displayed, in other words, the color the Doberman actually is, is referred to as the phenotype.

Doberman Pinscher Coat Color Chart

In the genotype, the Doberman carries one color factor set with two possible factors. For our purposes I will represent these two factors as B and b. B being the dominant black gene and b being the recessive red gene.

From the chart one can see that if two black parents are bred, each carrying the recessive red gene, statistically one out of four puppies will be red, two will carry the red gene but display the black coat (because red is recessive), and one will carry no red genes and display the black coat.

Doberman Pinscher Coat Color Chart

As a second example, we have a chart describing the genotype of two other black Dobermans. In this example one Doberman carries no red gene while the other does. As the chart shows, no red puppies would be possible from breeding these two Dobermans. However, two of the puppies would carry the red gene.

Likewise, two red Dobermans, having only the recessive ‘b’ red gene, will produce only red puppies. A red Doberman bred with a black Doberman that does not carry the red gene, will not produce any red puppies, but will produce puppies that carry the red gene. A red Doberman bred with a black Doberman that does carry the red gene will produce one red puppy out of two.

Red coat Doberman Pinscher come is different shades, from a brown to a deep dark red. Figuring this inheritance would be out of the scope of this article.

With the wide availability of healthy red Doberman Pinschers and healthy black Doberman Pinschers that carry the red gene, one can see that producing healthy red Dobermans can be accomplished. The key of course, is that the breeder has researched the lines of his breeding Dobermans and has developed a good breeding plan with the goal of producing healthy Doberman Pinschers.

Regardless, Doberman Pinschers with a red coat do tend to have more trouble with skin problems. These problems usually occur during puppyhood or during stress and often consist of hair loss and acne. These symptoms are treatable and are usually temporary.

However, the dilute colors, blue, fawn, and albino (white), have substantially more problems.