Yet Another Non-Health Focused Breeding Philosophy

The standard black Doberman has rust colored markings on its muzzle, eyebrows, chest, and feet. Some of these Dobermans have smaller markings than others and the exact shade of rust can vary. The German Doberman lines tend to have smaller rust markings.

Some breeders have pursued an all black coat. Why? Well, it’s new and different. People like new and different things. The problem is that the Doberman is not a thing. It's an animal like us. Also, the problem with breeding the Doberman for an all black coat is the same problem repeated on this website countless times. When a Doberman breeder breeds for anything but health and good temperament, he will not produce healthy well tempered Dobermans.

Any breeder breeding Dobermans with a philosophy focused on any coat color is not focused on health and temperament. Responsible Doberman parents should avoid them. A Doberman parent more concerned about coat color than health or temperament should reconsider parenting a Doberman. This parent is asking for trouble and will only contribute to the destruction of the Doberman breed and promote irresponsible breeding practices.