Learning to Train Dobermans

Obedience Classes and Resources

There are many Doberman training methods and philosophies. There are also many trainers, classes, and other resources from which to learn Doberman training. The most important area of training is basic obedience. Basic obedience is where a dog learns the basics of proper behavior and good canine citizenship and is the foundation on which more advanced training is built. All dogs should learn basic obedience, especially the Doberman, who is so powerful and to whom training is so conducive.

Basic obedience includes the commands “sit, down, wait, stay, come, and No (leave it)”. Besides commands, the technique of ‘heeling’ is learned where the dog walks alongside his handler just behind the handler’s heel.

A dedicated Doberman owner can learn these techniques at home if he has educated himself thoroughly in his chosen training technique. This education can come from books or research online in places such as this website. Currently in the works on this website is a Training Portal where Doberman owners will have available a wealth of information enabling them to learn and implement training techniques for their Doberman. In addition to these resources, there are also videos and DVD’s sold by dog trainers. I’ve never used these but if such a way of learning has worked for you in the past, it is certainly a viable option.

This said, the first step in a Doberman learning basic obedience is his owner learning how to teach it to him. This process of teaching is also an important part in developing the dog handler relationship and establishes the teacher, the Doberman owner, as the alpha figure.

Rather than learning to train obedience on your own, a better way is an obedience class or puppy class. These classes teach the basics and provide the distraction of other people and dogs, which is essential in thoroughly training a dog.

Besides providing an optimal training atmosphere, obedience classes also allow the Doberman owner to network with other Doberman owners and dog owners. If you are interested in more advanced training, Doberman sports, or showing, these classes put an instructor, who hopefully is an experienced veteran of such activities, at your disposal, able to guide you in further steps. Obedience classes are also effective for socialization, an essential part of Doberman training and ownership.