Bathing the Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans Love a Good Bath

A good Doberman loves a good bath and it is important to bathe consistently every couple months with an appropriate shampoo.

Baby shampoo is good for puppies. Also good is to train the Doberman puppy to get into the tub on his own, before he weighs 60-90 pounds.

An extremely helpful and watersaving device is one of those dog washing nozzles that hooks up to the shower. These devices have a long hose with a showerhead on the end equipped with an on/off trigger. This device allows you to set the water to a comfortable temperature and spray only as needed.

However, care should be taken with these dog washers. When the trigger is released it turns off the water, but it does not stop hot or cold water from accumulating inside the hose.

Water should initially be sprayed away from the dog every time you stop spraying. In other words, before you spray water on the dog, spray it away until the hose has been replaced with fresh water and you can feel that the temperature is right. I always keep a finger in the shower stream to monitor the water for temperature.

I begin bathing by gathering some used towels for the floor and one dry one for each Doberman. Then I remove everything from the tub except for the Doberman’s shampoo. Next, I take a volunteer and order them into the tub. They are all good Dobermans so they jump right in.

How to bathe a Doberman

My Doberman washing process follows this list of steps:

  1. Place a large cotton ball in each ear, the Doberman’s ears, to keep out water.
  2. Give each paw a good rinsing, they are usually filthy.
  3. Get the whole coat nice and wet, including sprinkling water over the face.
  4. Using your hands, squeegee the water out of the coat. This helps get rid of a lot of the dirt and loose hair.
  5. Get the coat wet again.
  6. Add shampoo to the coat either by rubbing it over the coat with your hands or by applying it directly from the bottle then spreading it with your hands.
  7. Work up a good lather. The Doberman’s coat sheds water so it will be necessary to add small amounts of water while you scrub. Don’t forget the paws and all the nooks and crannies, and avoid getting shampoo on the face.
  8. Thoroughly rinse. Rinsing is the most important step. Be sure to remove all the soap.
  9. The Doberman’s coat dries fast so a simple rubdown with a dry towel will get them to a point where they will air dry within an hour or less.

Bath day is also a good day to wash dog beds and kennels and see to other Doberman care needs such as ear cleaning, nail trimming, and teeth cleaning.

Tip: I have had great results from using Pert Plus on my Dobermans. It is less expensive than most dog shampoo and works better than most that I have used.

Tip: Placing a towel in the bottom of the tub can help prevent a dog from slipping during his bath.