Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Don't Overdo It

The subject of dog vitamin and mineral supplements is fraught with confusing and unsupported information, more so even than the subject of dog food. This will not likely change anytime soon. Look at the countless theories and philosophies surrounding vitamin and mineral supplements for people!

Commercial dog food producers assert their food is nutritionally balanced, voiding the need for supplementation. Holistic health advocates and some dog experts attest that their supplementation plans have improved the health of their dogs, cured illness, remedied problems, and healed injury. Vitamin producers site their research and customer testimonies in advertising their products.

Care should be taken with any supplementation program. Lacking certain vitamins and minerals can be harmful to a Doberman, but so can having too much, especially minerals such as calcium.

A good veterinarian should be able to tell if your Doberman is suffering from a vitamin or mineral deficiency and will prescribe the appropriate vitamins and minerals in appropriate amounts.