Choosing a Diet for the Doberman Pinscher

What a Doberman Needs, and needs to Avoid

Deciding on what food to feed your Doberman can be difficult and confusing. There is a huge amount of authoritative information available online and in books, much of it less than credible and lacking references. The trouble is, relatively little veterinary research has been performed on the nutritional needs of the domestic dog, but there are plenty of self proclaimed experts on domestic dog nutrition, including Doberman nutrition.

A dedicated Doberman owner could go crazy reading all of the contradictory and unsupported information out there. I know I nearly did preparing this article. For the record, I am not a dog nutritionist. The authoritative statements in this article contain only universally accepted truths; the controversial stuff I will simply summarize in as fair and rational manner as my nature will allow.

A reliable food choice for a Doberman diet is an age specific premium dry kibble such a Nutro or ProPlan, both of which have worked well for myself in the past. My Dobermans liked it and neither is that expensive, about $35 for a 40 pound bag. Even for a very active dog a 40 pound bag should last more than a month.

There are two main things to look for in a quality dog food. First, the food should be chicken, lamb, or venison based without byproducts. Grain based is bad. Beef based food should also be avoided because it contains a beef antigen, a protein molecule hard on the dog’s system, and these beef based foods often contains more protein than stated on the label. The second thing to look for are the two harmful preservatives butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT). These chemicals have been linked to liver damage, fetal abnormalities, metabolic stress, and increased cholesterol.