Upload your Avatar / Picture


If you haven't yet added your user image (sometimes called an Avatar) - you currently have the default image appearing on your profile and forum posts - a big Doberman paw. Having your own image in its place is a good way to establish an identity within the Gentle Doberman community. To do so, enter you Account page by clicking the Account link in the upper right of the screen.

Then click the edit tab.

Here you will see the Account setting form. In the second section labeled Picture you will find a file field with a Browse button next to it.

Clicking the Browse button will bring up a file browser that will allow you to select an image from a file on your system.

When choosing an image, remember that it will be proportionately scaled down and cropped to 100 pixels tall, or about 1.4 inches (35.5mm). Also, the file must be smaller than 30kb. For the best looking image, use your own image editing software to scale and crop to equal, or close to equal these dimensions - but it is not necessary.

Once you have chosen your image, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save to save you new Avatar.