Create a Photo Gallery

Logan sitting for the camera.

To create your Photo Gallery, enter your account page by clicking the Account link that appears on the top of every page.

Under Photo Galleries in your pages box is the Create Gallery link. If you have already created a Photo Gallery, this link will be replaced by a link to your gallery. Click Create Gallery to enter the Create Photo Gallery page. This page has three parts:

Photo Gallery Title

Enter the title for your Photo Gallery. This title will be displayed at the top of your Photo Gallery page and as a link to your Photo Gallery under your Avatar in the discussion forum.

Photo Gallery Description

The description of you Photo Gallery can be anything you want. It will show up on your Photo Gallery page above the thumbnails to your photos. When you click on one of these thumbnails, it will bring your photo up in a larger window. (See photo below as an example) So the description could be something like, "Click the photos below to enlarge." You could describe the main subject of the Photo Gallery. Or you can just leave this area blank.


This is where you upload your image(s). Click the Browse... button. This will bring up a file browser that will allow you to select an image file from the folders on your system. Next click the Upload button. After a moment, your image should appear as a thumbnail along with some extra settings.

If your image does not appear, a message should, telling you why. Usually this is due to an image being too large - bigger than 2 MB.

The additional settings add some information to your image.

Description: This setting allows you to add some text under each of your images, as it does for Logan's picture at the top of this page. If you click Logan's picture, you'll see, "Logan sitting for the camera." printed under his photo there also.

Alternative Text: This setting allows you to add a description that will take the place of the image in instances when the image will not appear. For example, on slow Internet connections this text will display while the image loads. Mainly though, this text will take the place of the image in screen-readers, programs that enable the visually impaired to utilize the Internet.

Title: This setting sets the title for the image, the text that appears when you hover over the image. For Logan's picture, I used, "Click to enlarge."

Once the image loads, a new gallery_image input box should appear, allowing you to upload another image. Once you have some images loaded, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.