Add an Image to a Post


Add an image to a post by clicking the Image button. This will bring up the Image Properties window. You can add an image with a URL or by uploading one.

To add an image with a URL, like from photobucket or other website, just paste the link to your image in the URL field. If you want to upload an image, click the Browse Server button.

This will bring up the File Bowser window. (sometimes it take a moment, especially on Internet Explorer)

Here you can click on an image already uploaded to your account, or upload a new image to your account. To upload a new image, click the Upload button in the upper left corner of the File Browser window.

This will reveal the file filed.

Clicking the Browse button will bring up your system's file browser.

Choose your image and click the Open button. This will bring you back to the File Browser. Now hit the upload button next to the file field. This will send the image from your system to the File Browser. You can now click the image and then click the Send to ckeditor button.

This will bring you back to the Image Properties window, but now with you image in the preview window.

From here you can click OK and you image will be inserted into your page.

You can also add properties to the image in this window. Width and Height will change the size of you image - although it is far better to alter your image's size before uploading it. The Image Properties window does not change the actual image, so if you size it up or down the image will turn out fuzzy.

You can also add a border, or us HSpace or VSpace to give your image a margin - Horizontal space or Vertical space.

The Align setting allows you to center the image, or float it to the left or right.