9 years 37 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Axel is my second Doberman.  He is preceded by Diesel who was my entrance into all that is Doberman.  I will always cherish the time spent with Diesel as well as cherish every moment with Axel. I have already started posting his adventures and it has been very interesting.  Axel is a loving, in-tune with my every action puppy. I will continue to post pics and stories to this wonderful forum of other Dobe lovers.  He is also a very special little guy.  He was born on the day that we buried my father-in-law who was a very big dog lover.  He was especially fond of my previous Doberman and was so upset over Diesels demise.  He knew that we were going to get another Doberman but we didnt know when the litter was due. In fact while my father-in-law was dying he asked me if the puppy was born yet.  I told him no but it would be soon.  It happened a week after that conversation.