Lily BugZ

10 years 51 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

LilybugZ is a very sweet little girl who did not have the best care since birth. while browsing through craigs list ( i always look for the dobermans) i came across this sweet face and i had been looking for a playmate for spike. this was fate. well the lady wanted to much and she told me she found the dog in the bush with mange, starved, and she was taking care of it. i went to see Lily(not her name then) and she was soo skinny and bald and when i went to pick her up she cowered and as i placed my hands under her arms to pick her up all i felt were scabs and blisters. and she had a cut across her ear. i was not supposed to buy this dog if she was sick but i could not leave her there like this. i loaded her up and took her to her forever home. AT the vet the next day she got shots and meds for skin infection and oitnment for her burns(previous owner used sulfur lime dip and i guess she was allergic or ??) and was diagnosed with demodex. vet says who ever had her before must have tried to do an at home ear crop. now she is in great hands and hopefully will recover wonderfully and soon.