9 years 21 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Ava is Dana's successor. She was born Jun 16, 2012. She is being trained as a medical alert dog to take over for Dana, and will be ready to FULLY retire Dana with by the time she is about 30 months old. Dana still likes going on an errand with me once a week or so, so she's not FULLY retired yet, but Dana is nearing the age of 10, and I can already see her walk becoming unsteady. She won't be able to handle the trips across town on a subway or bus forever. Dana does trust Ava to keep me safe, so she feels fine about allowing her to watch me while I am out. Because of our service dog team status, and the reason I need to be watched by my dog, Dana is in charge of me more than in the typical pet dog/ owner relationship where the owner SHOULD be in full charge of the dog (even though that's not always the case). Ava has diplomas from both puppy and intermediate class courses, is an AKC S.T.A.R. puppy, and is public access certified, which means she has the proper etiquette to be on a bus, or in a grocery store, or other public area dogs are not generally allowed in