RIP Carter

9 years 44 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Carter is a rehome from Georgia Doberman Rescue, for whom I have transported a number of rescues. She was an owner surrender and never spent a night in a shelter. Her previous caregivers were torn about surrendering her and took a while to finalize the decision. After spending two and a half years with her I fully understand. While they were making the decision, I had the time to go through all the adoption process, and when they made the final decision, she was picked up by a GDR board member and started her transport a 8AM and I picked her up just south of Macon and had her home by 4PM.

She has Jakes number, to the point the last time they were boarded my vet asked me if she ruled the roost and I said yes. Jake doesn't get away with anything.

She had issues with siezures starting about 2017. While I had her boarded at the vet's (along with Jake) while I was on a trip, she developed cluster siezures and we nearly lost her. The vet was able to control her by sedating her and then slowly reducing the amount. This past January 31st, 2021, a Sunday night, she had another round and this time they claimed her. I miss that girl. Jake misses her too and has become more of a lap puppy (and is only 10 years old).