2 years 44 weeks
Doberman Pinscher Male Fawn

On 3-23-2020 I drove to Santa Ana to meet Loki, he was 1 year old and lived with 2 full grown dobies one of which was a male. He needed rehoming due to potential SSA.

Loki is extremely amicable and a Love-Bug. 2 days later we went with Bella and 2 cars, and I brought him home. I ended up bonding with him very strongly in the car, alone, while driving, (!!!) Yes I took a BIG chance and he was loose after chewing through 2 leashes he climbed to the back seat from the back part of the car. He laid his head on my arm and I caressed his ears and talked the whole 1.5 hour way home.

Bella and Loki are respectful and sometimes a little rough playmates. We think she is a tad jealous after being an only dog. We are exercizing them separately for now and keeping all toys away from them. Loki sleeps in our room on a dog bed.

Loki is now 1 year 3 months 6-10--2020

His playmate Bella was attacked by the neighbors off leash Cane Corso on Saturday 6--6-2020, and so she is in sick bay, but will recover completely. Loki is doing well with training and has reached 90 pounds. His fur is healthy, he gets 4 squirts of salmon oil in each meal. He is just a loving softie and the very best dog we could have hoped for!