10 years 2 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

We got Bella on Oct 21 2012 from a vey nice family that realized they couldnt keep her even though they had adopted her from being a stray and took very good care of her. She was spayed, got her shots and was microchipped by them. They listed her on craigslist/ where we shop for everything!:) and we drove 80 miles to go meet her and them. Their 8 year old son had trained her in basic obedience, he was pretty mature about letting her go, it was the 4 year old daughter that bawled that she would miss Bella... They had already adopted 2 baby min pins, so we didnt feel too badly about taking her away, which we did that day.

Bella is a wonderful 1/2 Doberman 1/2 Lab. Or she may be 1/2 Vizsla or 1/2 Greyhound. We dont know what color her parents were but we think one of them was a chocolate or a red. Her coloring is quite variegated, with almost a saddle of coffee colored guard hairs and her tail is like a racoon, 3 stripes and underneath on her tail is yellow fur.

She exhibits the best of both breeds we think! She LOves other dogs! She is very loving and obedient with us, we have trained her not to jump up, and to stay off the couches and the bed. She is allowed to put her forpaws on the bed to say Good morning!).... hahaha

Update 8-1-13 Bella has claimed the loveseat and gets to play on the bed but not sleep there all night, She comes up and hogs it in the morning... we are losing the battle, I know! hahaha 5/5/14 she hogs the bed now its our own fault now if we can't sleep

Bella weighs 48 lbs 10-31-12 ,,58 lbs 1/8/13 ,, 65 lbs 8-1-2013,, 68 lbs 11-1-2013 ,,72 lbs 3/27/14,, 75 lbs 9/9/14 and eats a mix of totw and boiled chicken warmed in chicken broth, she is very shiny and in excellent health, she eats a raw beefback rib daily also.

She runs like a gazelle. The is the star of a dog park webpage    'Large Dogs Photos'    1/20/2013    (select Jan 20, 2013) and scroll to page 5/-10 to see her in action:) Thats her also on the title page with her ears folded back!

Bella is already a velcro dog. She follows us around and is very lucky we both work at home most of the time.