9 years 30 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Black/Tan Male, Medium Cropped, Docked and Dewclaws Removed.

Riley is currently a land shark puppy. He does well in his crate and rarely has potty issues anymore. He has a biting problem we are currently working on via the "playtime is over" ignoring technique AND IT'S WORKING! He can sit, get up, give his paw, and lay down for things he wants, as well as "leave it" and we're working on "drop it" now. He understands "no" and "off". We're using the "nothing in life is free" method for keeping authority in the right place. He loves to play with one of the cats living here (and she teases him like crazy) but the other doesn't like him much yet. He is doing pretty well on walks considering his short attention span and frequent stopping. He can never have enough toys, and loves munching on anything stinky.

He needs more socialization with both human and canine strangers, but loves to play with other puppies now. Takes some convincing to be friendly with new people.

Ears started to stand already. He's really good with his posts now.

We are learning a lot from each other and I love him like a son.



Riley's name came from my fondness of the leader of a pack of stray dogs in Homeward Bound 2.