Clyde (RIP)

21 years 7 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Our lives are not the same without our beautiful fawn boy.  Mr. von D adopted Clyde from a rescue in 2004, before he and I started dating.  We lost him in 2011, most likely to gastrointestinal cancer.  He was such a joy.  He had a huge fanclub and was spolied with many presents from our friends, family, and co-workers because he charmed every human who walked through our door.  With other animals, it was a different story, but considering his life before he was rescued, that was not his fault.  Clyde was a junkyard dog who stayed in the office all day with his owner and littermate, Bonnie.  At night, the dogs were left alone on the premises in an outdoor pen.  The two of them kept escaping and running around on the busy road near the junkyard.  Bonnie was also very agressive towards Clyde.  Finally, someone from the rescue convinced the owner to turn the dogs over. 

We were so lucky to have the chance to give Clyde the life and love he deserved!