10 years 46 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Our little man Harley was born on 1st March 2011. He is an amazingly smart boy and he is very much loved by all his family. He loves his training sessions and has never had a 'toilet' accident in the house!!!

We bought Harley from a breeder and she has been so incredible through our whole journey!

UPDATED 18/Jan/2012

Ok well Harley is now 10 1/2 months and is the best four legged friend we have ever had! He is so gentle and easy going, not to mention smart and affectionate! I love my velcro dog! He makes us laugh daily with his goofy ways and I could never imagine our lives with out him!

Now with all that said, we have decided we will be added to our dober family when Harley is about 2 or 3. we will be getting a girl, but thinking we will look into older pups from breeders. Not sure I want to go through puppy stage again! lol.