Flight Of The Chickadee

8 years 20 weeks
Toy Poodle

I have been around dogs all my life, but Chickadee is my first dog that I can call my own. She is super playfull with me, and other dogs. She would play and has tryed to play with our 11 year old female chihuahua, but Skittles has absolutly no interest in doing so. I got Chickadee when she was 6 months old, November of 2013 from a breeder near Mountain Home, AR. My future plan is teaching Chickadee agility, I know she would love it and excel at it, because she is really agile, and really quick at responding to commands:)

I take Chickadee with me where ever I go, which is quite often many miles at a time. She has become a real traveling companion:) I have already taught her quite a lot of tricks and commands, and each one she learned relatively fast. She knows: sit, down, come, stay, jump onto things, and off, beg for a treat, drop it, leave it, shake paws, dance on her hind legs, play dead, act ashamed, she gives me eye contact when ever I ask, jump over obstacles, climb a ladder, jump into my arms from the ground, and the best one is when she is above me and jumps down to me, and I catch her. The highest she has jumped from was about 10ft:)

Chickadee loves to swim! I so wish I were able to take her to the lake more often, but oh well thats just how it'll have to be.

The winter of 2014, we went trucking over the road, so we were hauling practically anything in a 53' refrigerated trailer. We traveled  anywhere from the east coast, to the west, putting on thousands of miles, and of course Chickadee came along. She just sits back, relaxes, and enjoys the ride:)