13 years 4 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Freyja, our black and rust Doberman, is now only child left, as we currently have no other pets and all our human children have become adults and live on their own. We brought her home at 7 weeks old and have loved her ever since. She looks the part of a Doberman, but is really a spoiled rotten baby.

I am legally (not totally) blind and while Freyja has never been to guide dog school, I have worked with her and taught her many things: forward, stop, left, right, off the road (when a car comes), to stop at curbs and stairs (up and down), going around obsticles, and many other things. We have a lot more work to do but she really does help me a lot.

We also play a lot together and train in many other ways. Freyja is the first dog I have ever had that will catch a frisbee, and we have a lot of fun playing frisbee and showing off. She has learned the Novice obedience routine and some of the Open, although I don't plan to get her titled. Among her other "tricks" are "truck" (get in the truck), play "dead", and "shut the door". I'm so proud of her and the progress we have made together.

Freyja goes with me most everywhere and is quickly becoming a good ambassador for the breed. The "she's such a beautiful dog" comments are great but the "she's such a well mannered dog" comments mean so much more. Being a Doberman she quickly gets noticed wherever we go and usually gets lots of pets and loving. Every now and then we hear a "vicious dog" remark and try to educate the person about the Doberman breed. I'm truly proud of Freyja and the dog she is quickly becoming.

Most of all Freyja is my friend. I love this dog so much, yep, even when she's a bit aggravating. I'm looking forward to spending many years with her as we move forward in our lives together.