16 years 25 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Paris is a wonderful, happy girl. Possibly the sweetest dog ever, she loves everyone she meets and always greets people with extreme wiggling. Aside from having two surgeries to remove fatty tumors from under her front legs, she has been very healthy her whole life. She misses Dobie a lot, but she's a tough girl and we are helping each other through our loss of him. I hope we have many more years together. 


10/29/17 we had to have Paris euthanized today, she hadn't been sleeping well and was whining most of the night. She was rapidly losing control of her legs, knuckling and falling a lot. Today she got out of bed very anxious and panting. She ate, but didn't go to the bathroom, then came inside and lay down next to her bed. She made it very clear to us that she was just tired and done. Once we made the call to have someone come help her across the rainbow bridge, she seemed calm and relaxed. She had started having tremors in her rear legs at this time, and I noticed that she had licked a raw spot on her front leg that had been giving her trouble, probably during the night. She went peacefully, with her head on my lap. I know we did the right thing, another sleepless night of being unable to get comfortable or relax would have been cruel to her. Tonight is the first night without her in over 12 years. Knowing that she is free and with Dobie again is helping me cope with the biggest loss of my life.