Dobie Gillis

12 years 48 weeks
Doberman Pinscher



I adopted Dobie at 4-5 months old. He was wandering around alone for several weeks before someone caught him & took him to a shelter. He was still really skinny when I got him, almost a month after he was 1st brought in. Someone had cropped his tail so short the skin split open & had to be sewn up. He clearly had a rough start, & yet he was a sweet puppy, & was very attached to me immediatly. But the 1st week he was w/me, I found out he HATED other dogs. Not my female Doberman or Boxer, though, he loved them from the start. He has some issues w/being away from me for too long, but they have gotten better over time. He still wants to kill all other dogs, but he is a big lap dog at home. He follows me everywhere, more so than Paris does, even. He does act very protectively, but he has never displayed any violence towards people, especially me. Until the attempt to eat my face.

Update 4/22/11

Dobie has become more possessive of his house & me, he had a muzzle on & still tried to bite my neighbor several times while we were chatting. He also tried to sneak a nip at my mom! He lets my 3 closest friends in the house, he doesn't ever bark or act mean, even if they walk in while i'm in the showere or something. So I know he can behave. He has been more subservient to me since I quit letting him on the furniture while I am on it. He started using his bed & stopped attempting to squeeze onto chairs w/me after a day or two of working on it. He has started ignoring the yapping on the other side of the fence from the neighbors little dogs. He seems to have made a decision about what is not worth the effort, or is not a threat to him. He occassionaly get his hackles up over the pit bull that's also over there, but not the older rottweiler, so I think maybe it is fear aggression we are dealing with after all. He is only aggressive towards things he may actually be threatened by. Puts a whole new spin on his issues.

Update 7/11/17

Dobie passed suddenly, likely a fatal heart arrhythmia. He was 8 1/2 and we loved him more than I knew was possible. He had a wonderful life full of love and happiness, and he gave us that much and more in return. He protected us from every UPS truck that dared even to drive by our house! Despite the shock of his sudden death, I am happy that he never suffered or showed any signs of slowing down, he still behaved like he was a year old, happy and full of energy to his very last second. Life without him will be very different and very hard, but I am trying to be as strong as he was. He only wanted to please his people, and that is what he did every moment we had with him. He will be forever missed, more than words can describe. RIP Dobie, we will be together again.

P.S. I also feel I should mention that shortly after I got Dobie, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, at age 30. I lived alone for over a year and Dobie was the only reason I always felt, and was, safe. He was hyper vigilant of my whereabouts, more than once I think he was literally sleeping with one eye open. He was amazing.