10 years 50 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

DUKE..... Can't even discribe him in a few words. I have had many dogs growing up and he is my second doberman (First one passed away). There is something very special about him though. A connection I have never had with another dog... He saved me in certian ways. He is super gental! great with animals and childern! He dose not like males walking into the house if he dosn't know him... has to be introduced, females he has no problem. He has a very happy go lucky personality and I sware kinda reatarded.... I laugh at him for hours on end! He weights about 85-90 LBS. Solid musel not fat, bigger then my last one in height as well. There has been a few trials over the past year or so. I figured out that he is very smart! I'll admit, he made me feel like I was dumb a few times (being outsmarted by a dog) lol Had to Lock all doors and cupboards, He can get into anything, including outside by sliding the glass doors open! He tends to love water, very hard to get him out, during winter when he cant go to the lake he tends to just hop into the shower and sit for awhile. he is aloud onto the furniture and in my bed and so forth however I taught him that he has to "gently" climb up and lay down as I have leather couches. He tends to fall off the couch as he trying to climb it. He did have aggression issues when he was younger, I been working with him on it without a shock colar or any aid. I feel like he has come a long way! he has even been having play dates lately, I trust him with the kids as his aggression was only towards other animals and starnger who entered the house or touched the kids.