Brinks - R.I.P. 10/2016

13 years 7 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Late January 2009 Brianna, Amy & I drove up to northern NC - almost to the VA line - to pick up a puppy from a rescue group.  My family loses no opportunity to remind me that I wanted a pup with "personality".  As a matter of fact - the 1st look we got of him, he was trying to shove one of his sisters' head into the water dish!  Things haven't changed much since then because that is what Brinks is...  Personality Plus!

He thinks "It's GOOD to be the king!"

Through much trial & error, a few scares, 2 surgeries (neutering & hystiocytoma removal) and TONS of encouragement & advice from members of this forum we have a wonderful doberdude who can definitely live up to one of his nicknames...   His Royal Rottenness!

We got MiLady when Brinks was slightly over 1 yr old and altho' they occasionally squabble, this is the norm for our house...  At least until Brinks decides it's time to play & Lady wants to sleep!