9 years 17 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Ladybug is our newest addition, adopted from fellow gentledoberman member abiggers3. 

Buggles is the most comical dog I've ever met, with a heart of gold. She thinks she's a ten week old puppy! She loves to play with the kids, bark at the cats, and romp around on my bed like it's a trampoline. 

From the first day I had her, she was superglued to my hip. She got the message loud and clear that I'm The Lady with the Treats, and she won't leave my side, except to get all silly with her adopted brother Bruno.

Ladybug is very smart and very food oriented, and she thrives on training. She loves the repeitition and consistency and gets very excited when she sees the clicker. S

She has learned to open the sliding glass door and walk on a loose leash in just the four days she's been here. She is about 50% on her recall, not bad for four days in! 


Buggles resting in front of the woodstove



Waiting patiently for treats



Bug and Bruno playing with my son