12 years 51 weeks

Logan is still a naughty puppy, but he's turning out to be a very gentle and loving Doberman. His mother is Jewel and his father is Drayko.

Logan is a male and still whole. I believe in keeping males whole until they are fully grown so they are able to mature into the big handsome devils they are. Logan has recently started putting on that Doberman muscle. For a while he was a lanky puppy.

When Logan was a small puppy, only a few weeks old, he had hardly any black on his face. You can see him at the top of the page. He's the only black puppy, the one with his paw over the side.

Logan likes playing with my Chihuahuas, Juan and Farah. Farah takes a more carful approach to play with the Dobermans but Juan is an even match.