Jumping Up and Obeying Others

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So I have a 8 month old dobe who my wife is not a fan of with our two small kids and a baby on the way. He is house trained, and listens to me fairly well for the little training that we have done. I work long hours and my wife is home with him almost all the time. I have problems getting him to come inside sometimes because he wants to play, but if I ignore him and walk past I can usually get him by the collar no problem. My wife on the other hand can't. He wants to jump up on here and play. What is the best way to stop him from jumping, get him to come, and get him to listen to my wife? Thanks for the help!

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I am going to be flat out honest.  You have the wrong dog! 

You need to rehome this little guy to someone who will spend time and bond with him.  Someone that will give him the training that he needs to grow into his potential. 

You work long hours and if your wife does not like the dog, she is ignoring him.  Next thing something will happen with one of your kids and the dog,  Then it will be the dog that takes the punishment, when it should be you. 

Please do the right thing for the dog and your family, find another home for him.



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Hi, and welcome!

Sorry to say this; but it is probably best to give him back to the breeder or away to a doberman rescue group who will find an appopriate home for him. Do not try to sell him. Then, when your kids are bigger and your wife agrees you can all enjoy a doberman baby again.

He needs a lot of direction (training) , excercise and attention (love) to meet his potential. Dobermans are not part time dogs. They need to be at your side and love being there with lots to do as well.

Has he had obedience training? Probably he should not be off leash if his recall is not perfect. The one pic he sure is cute, but that was then, this is NOW


Thanks for posting, good luck!