Wants to play outside, and potty inside.

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Hello everyone, I have 4 month old male Blue Doberman. We have had him for a week now. At first things started off great, he would potty when I took him outside. As I would take him out I would say "outside, lets go potty," and he would follow he outside on his leash. We would walk around the yard, sometimes even run around the yard hoping it would work it up to where he had to go potty. 

​Over the last few days it has gotten a bit colder outside, and I am thinking maybe this has something to do with his refusal ​to go outside now. I continue to take him out like normal (every 20-45min) depending on if I am in the middle of something. Still saying outside, lets go potty, but now he resists when going out the door, or down the steps, and he does NOT want to go in the grass. I have to pick him up, and set him in the grass. Then we'll start walking around, he'll run, and play, and eat the leaf. Of course he will he's just a puppy, and I know this. We'll continue to walk around, and he play some more. After about (15-20min) we head back inside, and I will go take him about out after a few. Lately though as soon as we get back inside, and I turn my back he is going potty on the floor. I tried the method of sternly, but camly saying no! Then taking him, and the waste outside, and putting it in his area, and telling him that it belongs outside. (He just looks at me like I am stupid at this point, lol.) 

​I am now unsure of what to do. As it sits, he pottys inside more than he has outside. What else can I be doing to make sure he is going potty outside, and understanding that going potty inside is bad?








I'm going to offer a few suggestions.

First off buy some white vinegar and clean up every where he has soiled very very well. He may be young but his nose is well developed and he'll pick up the scent of past indiscretions. They do have products that do a great job at this but are pricey. Vinegar is cheap and works just as well. Next get an egg timer. Set the timer (I'd suggest 15 minutes to start) and every time it goes ding, he goes out. This you have been doing but sometimes time gets away from us. You're trying to build structure here. Remember his place/es outside where he goes and walk him by those. Remember the nose?

Now keep in mind that you have to get him to distinguish going outside from going inside. When you go out and he does his thing outside, reward a job well done and bring him back inside. Don't play with him on his break walks. He relieves himself, he's rewarded, he's back inside. If you want to play outside, bring him in first, count to ten then go back outside and have a blast. Dogs do not see things in grey areas. To them it's either black or white.

On to your latest dilemma. "not wanting to go out". Stop playing with him as much inside. Start being kinda boring inside. Bring him outside more to play and be exciting when you play. Toys, tug of war (which he wins every time) chase, you chase him, he chases you kinda stuff. Make outside FUN!! Remember though, going outside to pee is a separate business. Now if when you're playing and he does the deed, you bring him in, ten count, back out. (remember, you can make training fun too. Get his favorite toy, tease him a bit with it and have him walk/run beside you while he tries to get it. Few steps heeling then let him get it and play tug of war. As he gets better heeling you take more steps. this is the basis of building "toy drive" the ultimate reward)

Now keep in mine that he's still a baby. He doesn't have full control over his bodily functions yet. It's up to you to get his timing down. If he does have an accident, and he will, unless you can get to him right before or during, all you can do is clean it up. If you can get to him during the performance or just prior, scoop him up with your hand from behind and between his hind legs, you can wash your hands later, and carry him out to finish. I know he's getting a little heavy now so if you can't pick him up you'll have to figure a way.

The rules are; From the crate to the yard. Every time. Keep track of the time. Any time he's out of the crate and inside, you devote 100% of your time minding him. Clean up accidents very well. Keep playing outside separate from peeing outside.

He'll get it. Hang in there.




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gun_slinger2006 ​- Thank you so much for the reply! I was starting to think this site was no longer active. 

​Since it has been a little bit since I made this post I will go a head, and updating everything that has been going on, and how it is going. 

I started with having him on his leash inside the house, and having the leash attached to my waist so 1. He could follow me around, and I could better pick up on his signs that he needed to go. 2. So he was not able to run to another room, and potty in hiding. This has worked very well, and he starting to get a sense of having to hold it. If I am greatly busy I will still have his leash attached to him, but not to myself. I found that this still gave him the sense that he was still attached to me continuing his want to hold it. When we go outside, it is business only. No play. If he starts wanting to play I will take him back in, and direct him to his bed, (for some cool off time 5min at the most,) and then go back outside. (Usually he is more calm by this point.) 

​He is not crate trained, because surprisingly enough he does not mess through the night. :) We take his bed to the bedroom with us, and he will sleep most the night, or if he does need to go I have noticed that he will start to whine a little bit which will wake me so we can go outside. 

​We are down to the point now that the accidents that he does have are due to timing issues. (Ex: In the middle of feeding the baby, while I am in the shower) Times like that where I can not jump up, and grab it to go out. 

​Yes, he is heavy. 4 months old, and close to 40lbs now, but picking him up is not 'yet' an issue, lol. He lays on me most of the time, or wants me to hold him like a baby so I am starting to get used to it, lol.