walking away from the crate

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So I just got my new puppy this past Sunday and in only 2 days she's embraced her crate as her safe spot and after a little grumbling will gladly pass out for her naps. Now here is where my issue lies. If I move away from her side and out of sight for more than a minute she goes nuts and starts to panic. I know this is typical for a new pup, but I wanted to know how to start moving away from her for longer periods of time without her starting to hate her crate or having her feel like I trapped her in there. Any tips would be super helpful!

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Sometimes you can give them a super special (but safe) crate treat. A KONG stuffed with peanut and/or banana and then frozen will be tasty and keep her occupied. I'm convinced my last pooch was happy to see me leave because he knew it was KONG time.