walking away from the crate

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So I just got my new puppy this past Sunday and in only 2 days she's embraced her crate as her safe spot and after a little grumbling will gladly pass out for her naps. Now here is where my issue lies. If I move away from her side and out of sight for more than a minute she goes nuts and starts to panic. I know this is typical for a new pup, but I wanted to know how to start moving away from her for longer periods of time without her starting to hate her crate or having her feel like I trapped her in there. Any tips would be super helpful!

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Sometimes you can give them a super special (but safe) crate treat. A KONG stuffed with peanut and/or banana and then frozen will be tasty and keep her occupied. I'm convinced my last pooch was happy to see me leave because he knew it was KONG time.

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This is where we are at... seems to be worse if we are in the house doing things other than looking after puppy, than going out?

Its also better some days than others. I believe it will be a case of persistance. But I will say this, whenever he comes out, we check he will go back in and he always will!

Do you wait for him to calm down before you let him out, if hes going nuts?