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We just got a dobie puppy from a breeder friend about a month ago. We have had him for about a month and need some help/advice with training, taking care, etc. His is 16 weeks old.  He is very loving but very stubborn at times. We have tried working with him on different trainings(going outside, etc) and just today signed him up for training classes at our local Petmsmart. We have been reading about different topics on here but just need a little more advice.

One of the problems we have is with him biting. He nips at my wife and youngest daughter(9yrs old). When he does we say "No" very loudly and ignore him for about a minute which I have read on here to do. We also offer him a chew toy. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. He will follow behind my daughter and nip her on the behind at times. On a few occassions when we say stop, he tries again and we end up putting him in his crate for a few minutes to calm down.

When my wife took him to the vet today, we was going crazy trying to agitate other dogs and not obeying my wife. It was honestly embarassing for my wife trying to control him. He really loved eating grass in our backyard. I hope this gives you some insight into our puppy. We clearly understand he is a puppy and needs the mental stimulation. As a family, we want to make sure we are training him correctly and not setting ourselves up for failure.


Sounds like a Doberman puppy - hahahaha!!

Honestly, it sounds like you are doing a pretty good job. You might want to add some good books to your library - Dobes are tough and you really need all the help you can get. The biting stuff is frustrating - but with consistency, will get better. 

I'm glad you are going to training - just be aware that Petsmart training is not the best in the world. If you find that it isn't the best for you, start looking into training clubs in your area. It is really best if you take a Doberman to several training classes - basic, intermediate, advanced.... etc.... 

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Hey, iv a dobbie pup around the same age... Also a 9yr old that walks with his hands covering his bum lol. My hairy monster seems to love a nip at everyone's bum.. whether its neighbours, old people, kids, delivery drivers... He's very much a bum guy. Trying to calm him down with this as it's not ideal. He does seem more intent on chasing my son tho for a bum bite, it's done purely out of puppy nonsense and has never actually bitten or broken the skin of anyone...but defo a few people with bum bruises xx