Training my 4 month old Doberman

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So, my boyfriend and I just got our 4 month old doberman who we named Nokose when he was just shy of 3 months. He is so loving, protective and smart. I suggested to my boyfriend that we take him to an obedience training class. He is not a bad dog by any means but does have problems listening or running off when he's taken outside to potty. Which I know he is just a puppy but training is supposed to start early.. right?. I train with him when I can, he knows sit, stay, lay down, roll over, shake, and to go get his toys. But when he is outside it seems like that all goes out the window, he also hasn't been listening to "sit" lately. He is almost fully potty trained although he does have occasional slip ups. My boyfriend doesn't think he needs to be taken to training and that it's a bad idea. He thinks he will grow out of it and start to listen as he gets older. But he complains every time he runs from him outside or doesn't listen. He especially needs training on a leash because right now he hates it. I do a lot of research and I know these dogs love to be stimulated and they love being trained and active. He doesn't ever work on training with him, only i do. But he insists that he doesn't need to be taken to a trainer? Advice??? Thanks in advance. 

First word of advise would be that you and the boyfriend get on the same page. I'm talking about consistency here.

Your boyfriend is wrong when he thinks the puppy will outgrow undesirable behaviors. Actually you are training these bad behaviors by letting them occur. In other words, the dog gets away with them.

The puppy of course loses interest in you when he goes outside, hell!! it's outside! Lots of fun stuff to explore. You have to make yourself the most interesting thing in his world. For a puppy, food is pretty hard to turn a nose up at. It's also hard to go running off when the puppy is tethered by a long line. A leash is of the upmost importance until you have positive recall.

Find a trainer that trains YOU how to work with your dog. I would suggest that you find a IPO or a AKC club in your area. They will be able to steer to towards a competent trainer.




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I agree! Thank you so much.

Training is so much about going someplace that isn't home and training with distractions - you just really can't do that at home. 

I'd plan on a basic obedience class, and then at least the next level of Novice. Find a good club - avoid the classes at places like petsmart and petco.  Ask your vet for references. Go and observe a class..... not all training clubs are good for Dobermans. 

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Here is some info about dobermans with special methods of trainings from special services:

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Training is so much

about going someplace that isn't home and training with distractions - you just really can't do that at home.


That was a pearl of wisdom. 

The more 'real life' you can possibly expose your Doberman to - the better. 






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Hello! It's all about consistency. It can be super stressful at first (I know, I've been there) but just keep at it and they'll get there in the end. We have two Dobermans and we recently just picked up Bobby who's our newest puppy (see my profile picture!).

I'd love to meet up if you're nearby? Socialise the dogs etc.

We were a little concerned at first about getting another Doberman, as we wouldn't know if they'd get along or not, but we did some research online and we were reassured. This was the post I read:

BTW, they also have excellent articles on methods to train your dog which you could check out too.

Keep us in the loop with progress, you just need to be consistent.