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At what age should I use a prong collar? My dobe is 4 months now and has an issue of always jumping on us. Will a prong collar help with this?

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 just fyi, I'm not a trainer...

I would avoid using a prong collar for this problem and use the training technique of lifting your knee to tip him off balance, by touching knee between his front legs, when he is ready to scrape you with those big front paws. Just well timed and gently raised, so that your knee stops him from reaching his full height and goal of contact/ scratching you.

 Look up positive reinforcement training and always have a toy or lavish praise or a goodie/treat when he backs off or does the right thing. Remember he is just a baby.


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Please enroll in a puppy obedience class for you and your puppy.  He can't be expected to obey something you haven't taught him.  A prong collar is a training tool for advanced training and not appropriate in this situation.

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I agree use your body and always move forward when he does this. Try to anticipate the behavior and command a sit that way you redirect it to a wanted behavior for attention. I'm not one for strictly positive reinforcement training, I don't think it works all that well. I use a prong but didn't start using one till he was six months old. If you've never used one get some training on how to use one. My prongs are from herm sprenger and I have two small ones I use and a medium. When you come home don't give attention or look or even talk to him, only do those things when the dog is not excited, this will instill that being overly excited will get him nothing and nowhere with you. Awarding the wanted behavior is what you need to do.