Potty Training breaking a habit

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Hi my puppy was trained by the breeder to go on towels , sheets and since I've brought the puppy home at 8 weeks I've had to take all the bedding out of the crate as the dog now 10 weeks old will still go in its own bedding. I take the dog out every two hours, but struggling to potty train him. He sees wherever he stands, I notice even when outside his happy to step in his wee and poop whilst his pooping. Is this an age thing as my other dog none Doberman always stayed well clear of poop or wee once they did it.

How can I break the habit of him not Peeing in his bedding and training dog not to step in its poop. I clear the poop as soon as it's done. It's whilst his pooping his oblivious to stepping in his poop.

going out every two hours is not nearly enough for a 10 week old puppy. I feel like I just answered this question - so do a search as I don't really want to repeat myself. 

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Every 2 hours is not nearly often enough for a pup that age hun. My 4 month old Lucifer goes out every 30 minutes to 1hr. We still have very few accidents, but those are now down to a timing issue where he will need to go while I am in the middle of something that I can not put down quickly to get to him.