Please help regarding potty frequency!!

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Hinata is almost 7 months now and I need some advice about potty training. I m not sure about how often she needs to pee. When she is inside her crate she is able to hold it for 4-5 hours and more during night. But when she is out, let’s say she pees first at 1 pm and then she asks to go again at around 2.30. Same goes for the evening. She goes at 6 pm asks for again at 7.30 and finally at 10 pm. Is it too much ? If it is, how am I supposed to reduce this frequency ? If it is normal is it gonna reduce by itself ?
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When you have to go you have to go.  As long as she is asking to go out and doing her business I would not worry about it.  

She is still very young and needs more frequent potty breaks than the average adult dog. If she is asking to go out and actually goes when she is out, then she needs the break. I don't think the times you are listing are unusual. 

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Like the above posters, puppies and kittens pee frequently. I don't know about keeping a puppy crated for 4-5 hours - I'd wanna pee like crazy after that!

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Puppies pee often, adult dogs not that much. 

When Atila was a puppy, I took him out almost every hour and a half/two hours and always right after meal. During the night, I rarely took him out - he never asked. I remember taking him out around midnight or 1 AM for the last time and eventually around 3-4 AM, but very, very rarely. 

You need to take your puppy out whenever it asks, no exception. By taking it out, you prevent accidents from happening, of course.