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So our pup Kevin is fairly (99.9% - but if you've seen the hot dog commercial, that means not reall) potty-trained.  He scratches at the door to go outside.  Hasn't had an accident in a long while, and any time he has it's been my or my husband's fault for not watching him closely enough when he wakes up.

He LOVES playing with (ehem...attacking) our cat.  After they wrestle, sometimes Kevin will pee.  But he's not peeing to pee...meaning, he doesn't squat like he's peeing.  It just kind of falls out of him.  I'm wondering if it's because his bladder isn't fully developed yet, and he's peeing before he realizes he has to.  Or if it's something more behavioral like submissive peeing with the cat. 

He'll be 12 weeks old tomorrow.  It's happened 3 or 4 times so far.  One thing to note is that when it happens, I don't see how his bladder is even full because we take him out so often.  We obviously don't react when it happens.  One of us will take him out while the other one cleans it up.  But if it is something having to do with playing with the cat I'd like to research how to help avoid that.  If it's a physical development thing, I'll accept it.


Thanks for your input.

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Harley would pee all the time while playing with other dogs.  It looked just like you said, "just falling out of him."  Just like you and your spouse, we just cleaned it up and moved on (although it is hard to clean up because it is sprinkles everywhere).

He has out grown it, thank god.  That's what will hopefully happen to Kevin.  We just got in the habit of introducing him to new dogs and friends outside.

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I think little boys are a little harder sometimes than girls..