new doberman puppy :D

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Hello all, finally after a long long long wait we have our little doberbaby, his name is jackson and he is a gorgeous little cutie, so loving and full of energy.  We do however have a few concerns he whines and whines and barks when we go upstairs and leave him or when we go to go out, it very upsetting and I was wondering whether he will grow out of this, or not? Also getting him yo sleep in his crate at night is proving difficult :( we love him so much and its heartbreaking to see him sad.


ANY PUPPY TRAINING TIPS ARE WELCOME, we just want a HAPPY, HEALTHY pup we already love him to peices!!







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Eeeek! he's so cute! It's so hard to hear them be sad.....but remember, he's also going to do anything to manipulate you to do what he wants.....I learned tons on a site called Doggy Dan, the online trainer. You can do a 3 day trial for $1 and it's totally worth it! It's all about the 5 golden rules of being the pack leader. Learn them, live them and don't give him an inch cause I promise he will try to take a mile...:)

Make sure the crate is a nice place to go, we put it in my daughters room after the first night in the living room that didn't go well. We gave a special treat, something she only got at crate time.

You have to be careful not to play into the seperation anxiety stuff but right now, he's a baby and just needs reassurance. Good luck and keep us posted!

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My Angus was the same way. We got him really young, the first week he slept in bed with us and only because of how little he was. Then we crated him and it was really disturbing to watch him charge at the crate (luckily right as I did research I purchased one of those tent material crates. That worked out well for a few weeks only to transition him into the crate environment. Now he is seven weeks and he has been in a Pet Porter Kannel (for a week am d1/2) and he does great. Of course when he sees any of us or hears us (in the middle of the night) he will start barking or yelping. We tell him its sleepy time and shhhh him and he stops after about 15/20 seconds. If its 5am and he begins to that we take him outside and he handles his digestive track and I put him back in because wake up time is at 630. In the beginning it was hard, its like having a newborn. They want to eat, play and sleep; but only if they feel secure. The first two weeks we woke up every 2 to 3 hrs to feed him and play with him. But its all about making them feel safe and secure considering they are in a new environment . Now he goes in the crate at about 11pm and stays in till 630 am. But he does so well he wont go in the crate anymore. in the beginning he was eating his stuff and I was so scared . but my Vet assured me not to get alarmed and to pick it up quickly when he went and it would teach him . Now he will not go in his crate and if he is really tired or knows he did wrong he goes in there on his own.

Super smart babies  good luck with yours

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Ares used to hate his crate now he's completely fine with it. We got him a classic size puppy kong with puppy safe treats I left the door off so he could walk in and out and get used to it. I would put the kong inside the crate and when he went into get it I shut the door calmly and walked away. He cried for a little bit but as soon as he stopped for about a minute I would let him out and praise him it took about 20 mins of this and he was completely fine with his crate now all we have to say is go night night and he goes in, we give him his kong he chews and falls asleep with out a fuss :)



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Thanks everyone, he still whines when we leave him to go upstairs but will lay in his crate if we are in the room. its heartbraking seeing him get upset but we are trying our hardest, he still wees in his crate but we quickly swap the blankets and clean it up and we take him out after every meal and after play times etc so he does know to go outside. i wish i could stop him crying though. thanks for the advise x

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I crate-trained two puppies in the past 12 months, one apbt(whose heart sadly stopped at 9 months) and now my new dobie boy who will be 12 weeks on saturday...


there is only one thing to do: IGNORE!


I wear a digital watch I reset everytime he goes potty, this way I know when he needs to go, usually now around 2 to 3 hours... any whining between that is 99 times out of a hundred just that.... whining. (although you soon learn the difference between whiny whining, and I NEED TO GO POTTY whining.... but my point is: if you keep a schedule and a watch, he'll never need to tell you when he needs to go, because you'll know.


if you leave the room, and he starts whining, you don't reenter under any circumstances untill he has been quiet for two minutes, at least. (this is when the watch comes in handy) go about your business, so that he can hear that you are still in the vicinity, and haven't left, but that he won't see you again untill he calms down.... now this might take five, ten, twenty minutes (or more if you have comforted him before when he has done this), all depends... so if you go to the bathroom, you might have to stay there for a while.... or you might have to eat that pasta in the kitchen... I tell you: the first week with my APBT (my dobe got the system very quickly) I had to spend some looooong mornings in the bathroom reading the newspaper on my iphone untill he calmed down... he knew I was in the house, but I would not reappear untill he had clamed down.


however, BEFORE this, you should try the following... throw a piece of cooked chicken or something similarly high value into the crate, say CRATE when he enters, and as he eats it you close the crate(calmly), but stay by it. no eye contact, just wait untill he settles down... again, this might take a while, but just stay there be calm..-. he'll eventually lie down. then give treat. and let hime out. do this many times and every time a little longer between lie down, and treat/release...


another one (my way) is to throw a chicken foot, or bone or something tasy  that needs a lot of chewing, into the crate... when he is inside close the crate (calmly), make sure he is occupied with his new food/toy thingy, then leave the room...



but whatever you do  NEVER let a whining dog out of its crate...

there is one exception: if you think he really needs to go potty (before totally crate trained, or as I learned: if you give him a bone that used to bear smoked meat... and he drinks crazy amounts of water, and his little bladder just gives out... (not his fault.)).... in this case, let him out, but take him immedeatly outside, give him about five minutes to go.. if he does: great, praise him and give him a treat. if he doesen't: no biggie. but then put him back in his crate... or else he will learn that whining enough lets him out with no reason..


also if he does pee in his crate he will whine to let you know, take him outside. if he pees more, praise him and give treat, if  not.. no worry(stay positive though, outside is POSITIVE), go in, change the bedding, clean the crate, and put in new bankets or rugs or whatever you use, and put him back in... peeing in his crate should not be a way to get out.....


this is just my experience, others will differ in opinion (and I suggest you look into all modes of action and find the one that suits you), and goodness knows I am struggeling with my little guy (mostly playbiting) but the crate and house training I know.   anyway, good luck, be strong, be patient, buy a digital stop watch.