New Doberman owner, please help on potty training

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I recently purchased a 4 months old female doberman JC and it seems like she is scare of everything and would pee all over the place.  I did some research and read on this forum and it seems normal for puppy dobermans as they will go thru fearful stage.  JC is about 6 months now, she seems to settle down and have built a good bond with me, but she still seem to pee all over the place.  She pees so quick that i don't even have time to say NO or to move her away she's done peeing already.  Sometimes it's a few drips, and sometimes it's a big puddle. 

I've tried the crate method where i put her in the create for a few hours (1-2) and as soon as i open the create she comes out and pee on the ground already (I believe it's excitment).  I tried to give her a firm NO and move her outside on the grass but she's done Peeing inside already.  I waited 45 mins on the grass and all she did was walk around, sniff around come to me, sit by me and seems bored.

If this is an excitment issue, how can i claim her down and make her not excited?  Everytime when i go to her or release her from her crate, i made sure i had no eye contacts, no talk, no touch.  I wait until she is claim before i open the crate, but once i do open the crate she charges out and start peeing on the ground. 

Can someone please give me some hint how to train puppy doberman with peeing problems?

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have you had her checked by a Vet for a possible issue...maybe a urinary infection or something?   I'd do that immediately if you haven't just to be sure it's not a health related issue. 


once you rule that out - maybe start putting her on a leash when you open the crate so she can't just bound out and run around all excited.  Calmly walk her outside right away and tell her to go potty.  Once she does, then unleash her for play-time.   she'll learn 2 important things...the words 'go potty' as doing that on command can truely be very helpful AND that you do your business first then play time can begin quicker...


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I've also read (on GD) that separating potty time from play time helps get the message across. Take her out on leash and bring her back in as soon as she goes potty. Praise praise praise! Then after a couple of minutes take her back out to play.

They do go through fear imprint stages - they also go through "I've forgotten the house rules" stages as well.

Lots of ways to skin a cat - keep trying til you find what works for her. It will click eventually.

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Harley does excited/submissive peeing.  He is 9 months now and he is SO much better, not perfect. 

We have never punished him for it, because to be honest I don't think he realizes he is doing it.  I heard his sister is the exact same way.  So my advice?  For the regular, empty the bladder pee, encourage outside peeing with praise and treats.  When you catch her in the act say, Uh uh, and take her outside.  For the excited/scared pee, don't do anything.  Just clean it up.  Try to be calm around her.  When we introduce Harley to other dogs, it is ALWAYS outside, he just can't control it. 

Hopefully as she gets older and more confident is will get better.  It certainly has with my little bear.

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I echo the thoughts on making sure she is healthy first!

My Lib would do the cutest thing when she was a pup - she would lie down, roll over on her back, and pee UP like a little fountain. I never hollered at her, just took her outside. It was a submissive thing. She just kept doing it less and less, and by the time she turned about a year old, she wasn't doing it anymore.

She didn't pee in the house anymore, but gol, she was smart. If I wanted her to come in and she didn't want to, she'd do the same thing, minus the peeing. Lie down, roll over on her back, and stay there, rolling her eyes at me.  LOL!