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A little over one week ago, we purchased a 4 mth Dobbie puppy (she will turn 5 mths 12/12/12). My husband has had Dobbies growing up but I have not (honestly we both need some tips for training this pup). I'm sure it is her small bladder, but was wondering if there would be any certain reason that the puppy would jump on the bed to pee...this happened twice yesterday (in the morning and at night) and once last weekend. Just making sure I'm not missing something here or if there's something special to do to prevent this, besides the obvious of taking her out (the one time we were actually on the way to take her out...she jumped on the bed an peed on our way out). I'm just trying to learn the best practices to make puppy training easy on us and easy on the pup, Stella. Any great tips would be much appreciated (and how long does it take to potty train?) Thanks so much!

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I'm picking my dobie up on Monday, he'll be two months old and I'm really nervous! I'm new to do this too!

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if this is something new she started doing have her checked for a urinary infection.  If she's been doing it since you got her then it could be excitement and she's young so she can't hold it too.   Stop letting her on your bed and she can't pee there until you figure it out.  Jumping up could be enough bounce jostle her bladder and she's still too young to control it.

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My husband and I bought a doberman puppy on 11-23-12, he was born on 10-1-12.  He is a blue and we named him Samson.  He has quite the personality that is for sure!  This is our 2nd doberman, about 7 yrs ago we had to put our other dobbie down, he was almost 12 yrs old and his health was failing.  Potty training Samson is definately not going very well and we are not really sure what is going wrong.  Samson will pee and poop in his kennel, on the floor, on our couch and chairs...he goes outside, in fact when we are home with him we put him outside quite a bit but he still has a ton of accidents as well as goes in his kennel.  Last night he was laying on the couch with me and he stood up and just started pooping on the couch.  I am at a loss with this, anyone have any suggestions?  I am calling our vet and taking him in to be checked for parasites to rule that out.  Its winter time here and he really does not like to be outside either so Im not sure if that is playing into the problem???  Any help is appreciated!  thanks

If your puppy is having a lot of accidents in the house, it is because you are making big mistakes. Having them checked out by the vet is an excellent idea, but you need to learn how to train a puppy.  

Your (Heather) puppy came home much too young and really couldn't control their bodily functions yet.  The need to go as soon (immediately) as they wake up, every time they eat or drink, before during and after a play session and about every 30 minutes (at least) while they are awake.  It is a lot of work, but avoiding mistakes inside will help housebreaking go faster.  

Treat them IMMEDIATELY when they go outside, and when they go inside roll up some newspaper and hit yourself over the head with it... because it is your fault  :-)  not theirs.  You also need to go out with them and make sure that they are going - never just let a puppy outside and assume that they went. Samson has learned to be "dirty" and you need to start all over again.

I also believe that the vast majority of puppies do not totally "get" house breaking till they are at least 5 to 6 months old. Till then, you should be supervising them every second and if you can't, they should be crated.  I personally will keep them leashed to me and leashed a lot indoors.  I do gate off my kitchen when I have a puppy as I know that accidents can happen and I'd rather have them happen on tile vs wood or carpet.

Get a good book on raising puppies and read it all the way through - then review as needed.  I recommend "How to raise a puppy you can live with" by Rutherford and Neil - you can find it on and it is not too wordy or long.  I send this book home with most of my puppy families (unless they truly don't need it). I also re-read it when I keep a puppy.... everyone forgets stuff between puppies.