Move from basket to crate

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Hi my dobe puppy hates his crate, he was in a basket at the breeders, but since I brought him home I've been trying to crate him as he pees everywhere( another post). I've tried kongs in the crate, feed in the crate, treat in crate, leave crate door open , but he hates it. Like he has a panic attack when in the crate. I've tried covering the crate, leaving crate uncovered, His happy in a basket, but then pees frequently in near areas even if taken out 5 mins before. Vets have checked him and his fine no infections etc. 

How can I move from basket to crating him ? His 10 weeks old and pretty much showed the same fondness of the crate since we introduced him to it






Start with small amounts of time in the crate (10 minutes), and slowly increase it. Let him cry and wait till he is quiet to let him out then treat. He is really too young to have developed a hate for the crate - he is a baby now and will learn to be fine with it.  Always start out by putting him in the crate when he seems tired. 

As far as peeing everywhere, don't give him the opportunity to do that or you will have a really hard time house training him. Puppies that age need to go out a ton. When awake, every time they eat, every time they drink, and about every 10-15 minutes while awake.... if their nose hits the ground while they are awake pick them up quick and take outside.  As soon as they wake up - pick them up so that they can't pee on floor on the way out. In another month, he should be able to hold it a bit longer. 

Treat him and really praise him EVERY time he goes outside. Treat him immediately ....even a few seconds past it and he won't know what the treat is for.