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I just wonder if Doberman manners are natural with good socialization or must they be trained. 3 month old puppy is either in full play mode or going to sleep. When playing he will not accept any kind of rubbing on his head or much any place else but when he is tired he will accept it with some return lick. Still does not recognize his name in any circumstance and recall is out of the question inside or outside. That is the most frustrating part of this bonding.

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Dobes are naturally more standoffish. They aren't like a golden or lab where they will just come on up to people. This is normally behavior for a playing dog. How are you teaching recall ?

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Try rubbing his butt, my two go into ecstasy.

Ares is correct Dobies more standoffish, but once they bond with you the love level is though the roof.

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Most dogs don't like their heads rubbed.. ( I'm sure there's some exceptions out there..but as a rule it's threatening to them.)

And yep.. stand offish is a good word. Sofia is a Dober Diva and as snooty as they come. Rarely does she come up for a cuddle but once in a while she'll GRACE us with a loving look and 'allow' a skritch ( it's a word) behind her ears.. she does love her eyes rubbed at times... but I have a hunch that's only because they itch.. haha

Your puppy should start learning recall as soon as you can manage.. some folks use a long lead and a treat. Find out what the most appealing reward is for him.

How is his hearing?? He should know his name by now..

What is your training method? Clickers? Treats? High praise?


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Our girl, Athena, did not learn her name until 4 months. I wasn't worried about it. She is getting better at recall but has "selective hearing". I think it's just something to work on and will come with maturity.

We started with treats but Athena is a treat snob, she has to be in the mood for them so I stopped that. We use a training collar, praise, and her favorite toy. 

  Give it more time. At 3 months my Dobe was playing and sleeping too. We did not even start working/training on recall until 4 months.. How often do you work with her? Do you have training help from a professional? 

Our Dobe LOVES to have her head and ears scratched but that seems to be unusual..?? I carried her belly up from 9 weeks on.. Maybe that has something to do with it? She also thinks she is a lap dog although I think she is starting to grow out of that.

GOOD LUCK and keep us updated!