just got our rescue home

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and he is as sweet as can be.


he's spent his whole life (a whole whopping 14 weeks) in a crate. his first time on a leash was yesterday and he's doing okay with it, but he refuses to go to the bathroom outside (which is okay, i expected that kind of). we just let him out immediately after he goes inside and tell him NO in a stern voice and tell him to potty outside. any other tips there?


he's just starting to play with his toys which is fun :) i think he was getting used to us.


I think he thinks my 7 month old is a dog? lol. whenever she's on the floor he licks her and plays with her, but won't do it with anyone else. he's not hurting her, it's actually cute. i'm not sure if this is a behavior i should encourage or stop? she enjoys it, she laughs hysterically. 

they never really worked with him on the sit, stay, heel commands, so i can start that now correct? we were going to try clicker training. anyone have any experience there? is it a good method? 

he's a good 30lbs already, how much should i be feeding him a day?

we have his first vet appt on friday. he's up to date on all his shots, but i wanted to do a wellness visit and to let the vet we chose here (we  got him from a different state) meet him asap.


any advice is welcome!


oh, also he whines a lot! he is attached to my husband lol. I'm not sure if the whining is normal or not? I know they can be needy (which is fine since i'm a stay at home mom) but i just want to be sure he's okay. 

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Congratulations and thank you for rescuing this darling baby.. and that's the key word:

Baby: he's approximately the same age as your 7 month old.

Don't wait til he's gone potty inside to correct..( that would be like telling your daughter NO whenshe wets her diaper) Take him out every 20 mins to half an hour and praise the heck out of him when he goes.. I  mean do the pee-pee dance,, jump around sing.. croon GOOOOoodddd boy.. oh mama's so proud of you  ♫ ( get the picture..?? he'll get it.. and your neighbors will love it!!)

Once you get the potty training on a good start.. I would begin with sit.. he's still young for stay and heel probably won't click in for quite some time as you won't want to take him outside your property until ALL ( I mean ALL) his shots are completed.

I've never used clicker training.. but stay tuned.. there might be someone on the Forum who has and will be happy to give you their opinion.

Formal puppy training usually works the best as they know how to communicate with the babies and then you practice the same way all week. Check for training classes in your area.. sometimes PetSmart or PetCo offer them.. they will be invaluable for both of you


Wow.. that's a tough one. It's been stated to give your dog the highest quality dog food you can afford and one that agrees with him. If you do switch over to something new, do it gradually .. take up to two weeks for the transition.

Weekends are sometimes a little slow here on the Forum, so check in frequently and by all means tomorrow and thru-out the week... use your 'search' button provided, for questions that will come up, as I'll betcha they've been covered here.But we're always happy to do whatever we can. Some of the members are excellent trainers and have wonderful advice

Good luck, welcome to the Forum and please please post some pictures. We do love the babies

Kate and Sofia

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There are many threads a out food here look around you'll find great info. I would suggest grain free

As far as clicker training I prefer a slightly different method with ofe same concept. Instead of using a clicker use a marker word...I use yes...that way you don't have to carry a clicker all the time but you get the same results. If you say sit as soon as his butt touches the floor say yes then treat and release...I use OK. It is important to release because sit means sit until I say otherwise same with other commands..down stay etc

Congratulations on your Dober baby!!! And good job on rescuing him. As for him licking your 7 month old as long as he is not hurting her it seems harmless enough. He is a BABY so the whinning and all of that is normal. As for the food thing check the forum there are plenty of threads on here about that. Best of Luck!

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Congratulations on your new family member!

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thank you for the advice!