I need help with my new puppy

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My new puppy Nala is only 8 weeks old and I don't understand why she goes potty in her kennel. She is half lab and half doby. But I just don't get why she goes in her kennel. At night she goes all night long without going number 2 but when I leave and come home she goes. And I can't get her to go outside either. No matter how many times I caught her going she keeps going in the house. I have another dog that is a pure breed lab and he's good but I know he don't like her being there being that he's getting into the garbage and I just want help on Nala. I'm going nuts with her and I don't want to get rid of her. And I also don't know how to get her to stop barking when she's in her kennel. She just don't understand that that is her safe place from my son. Oh and I was wondering if she will turn mean if my son plays rough with her. Everything I have read, it says she will turn mean and I don't want that to heppen. Please help!!!!




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Truthfully, it sounds like you are not really prepared for a puppy. I would recommend getting a good book on raising puppies and read it!  An easy book to follow is "How to raise a puppy you can live with" by Rutherford and Neil. You can find it on Amazon.com  This is a book I send home with all of my puppy families.

Take your puppy outside on a leash and bring good treats out with you. When he does go, make a big deal out of how good he is and treat him IMMEDIATELY... not 5 seconds later or he won't associate the treat with going potty outside.  8 week old puppies can't hold it very long and need to go out a zillion times a day - the fact that he is sleeping through the night is great.... but a lot of crate time during the day is just teaching him to potty in his crate.  He needs to go out everytime he wakes up (IMMEDIATELY), eats, drinks, spends a few minutes playing.... and at least every 30 minutes while he is awake. Don't give him the opportunity to mess in the house - if you can't be right on top of him watching him, then tether him to you with a leash or let him take a nap in his crate.  I really don't think that most puppies quite "get" house training till they are about 5 months old. When I have a puppy in the house, I gate my kitchen in for months and the puppy does not spend any unsupervised time anywhere else in the house. 

Also, you do need to protect her from your son - I don't know how old he is, but he needs to be taught to be gentle with animals. Letting kids play rough with pets is not good for a dog at any age. I raised my two daughters with multiple Dobermans and never allowed them to be around them unsupervised till they (the kids) were old enough and well trained enough around the dogs to trust them. Never had a bite in over 21 years, so I think my method works :-)

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I was prepared for her. I know she is different then my 10 month old lab I have. I have really no way to close of any area for her being my kitchen and living room are kinda an open concept. And I do take her out all the time. Every time she eats, drinks, plays, etc. It took me 4 months to potty train my other puppy. I was prepared for it to take this long to potty train her. I just was wondering if dobys are different in training the Labs. And I also need help with her chewing. She is tearing up my carpet that I have in my kitchen and I can't get her to stop. 


I will keep my son away from her until he understands more. He thinks he can play with her like he does our other dog. My son is 5. I just want to have Nala potty train before we have another baby that way I don't have to work so hard with her for training. I was planning to get a book since she is different in training and I kinda want a gard dog since my lab has to be kennel up since he won't stop tearing things up either. But my lab stays in my son's room Cuz my son can't sleep without him in there. 

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One young lab that tears the house up.... One 5 year old child...... One Dobe cross puppy..... AND another baby on the way.... All I can say is good luck!!

It has taken ALL my undivided attention to get to the stage where I can say my dog is fairly well behaved so how you can do it with the Lab/child/baby on the way is beyond me

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I am gonna need help in training her. I don't know what I got myself into. When I got her I didn't know we wetter expecting again and I don't want to give her away just because we are having another baby. I think with just a little motivation and a little help I can do it. 

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All's I can say is whooo boy...  You are a better person than I!  One puppy had me completely worn to a stub for months; there's no way I could physically handle that many needy little ones!


At two months old, she should never be in the crate for more than two hours at a time (double that at night).  The general rule of thumb is they can go for one hour per month of age.  However, that's max time, not normal time.  As a general rule, she should be taken outside every 20-30 minutes, unless she's asleep at which point you watch her and take her out as soon as she wakes up.  Take her outside, walk/jog with her a little, then take her to the potty spot, and wait with her until she goes for the first few times - that little, it shouldn't take too long.  Once she's started to get the idea to go outside, start giving her three minutes to go.  If she goes, lavish her with praise and treats.  If she doesn't go within three minutes, take her back inside - so that she knows she needs to go quickly when you take her out - then back out ten minutes later or so.


I highly, highly recommend getting her in a training class.  I kinda scoffed - I know how to train them to sit and lie down, why do I need a puppy class for that? - but having a trainer on hand who knew his personality and knows the common pitfalls and so on was SO HELPFUL it was absolutely amazing.