How to claim a 6 month old puppy female

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JC is very excited all the time and sometimes she even get to a point where she pees.  She charges left and right and sometimes she run so fast that she bump into the class sliding door.  I never give her any attention when she is excited or praise her, and i always try to stay claim around her to give her to positive engergy.  In the past she been jumping on me and people, but it's getting better as i always give her a firm NO when she trys to jump.  However, when she gets excited she wound run around and jump on my side or back when i don't have my eyes on her.   It gets frustrated sometimes when she goes out of control.  In the backyard, she would dig holes on the garden field, pull shoes off the rack, etc etc. 

I had a sharpei and 2 yorkies in the past and i didn't have the same issues to deal with.

Can you guys please give me some advise to claim her down or training method?


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two words ........ more excersice. If Harley dosen't get to go for his walk EVERYDAY that is exactly what he does. That's my advice :) Hope it helps!

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Yes, more exercise! But remember, she's a puppy. Shoes are very tempting.  Plus alot of basic training to stimulate her brain. Mia gets about 4 walks a day and a lot of frisbee or ball throwing in between. Sometimes she still is a demon but I love her.

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Also, you have to remember that a young doberman is NOT going to act like a Yorkie or a SharPei. They are very high-energy and highly intelligent dogs, so they need a lot of physical and mental exercise to take some of that edge off the energy levels and tire them out. Lots of walks, playing fetch with a ball or a frisbee or even a stick, mental exercises like playing hide and seek with her (you hide, make her find you) are excellent ways to calm her down a little.

I agree, and like Ziva's Dad said more exercise and training sessions to stimulate her mind and burn off the excess energy. Dobes are smart, high-energy dogs and if that intelligence and energy are not properly directed and given an outlet the experiences you are having can manifest and become a problem. 

Good luck with your girl :) 

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If Skye doesn't get her 3 daily jogs, she gets like that... plus with all the playing and rough-housing that I do with her, she still out-plays my 10 year old cousin in the evening. 

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I agree with the others about the exercise.  Also if you know you have people coming over I would crate her when they get to your house, until they are inside and sitting down.  Once she is calm in her crate, let her out and encourage her to calmly greet everyone.  Another way to curb jumping is to attach a leash to her, and when she goes to jump give her a light pop but pull down so it stops her momentum mid jump. 

And always always be consistent!  I dogsat a friend's puppy, Toby, in December, and the friend has always complained that Toby is a jumper and she can't get him to stop.  After having him at our house for 2 weeks and correcting him each and every time he did it, he was no longer jumping on me.  He would get excited and start to jump, but remembered himself halfway through and sat down lol.  When she came to pick him up at the end of his stay, the first thing he did was jump up 3 or 4 times.  She right away petted him(unknowingly rewarding) and wasn't until the last jump that she corrected him.  No wonder he still does it!