Frustration in potty training

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Just a question, my hubby and I are training our first Doberman puppy, she was doing very well at potty training and had a couple days of no accidents in the house, now the last couple days it feels like she has gone backwards not giving us the signal anymore and going pee in house. Are there any tips you can give us? Feeling frustrated, we have had her for two weeks only, so I know it will take time, just curious how long.... Thanks!! 

I have personally found that it takes most puppies till they are at least 5 months old before house training really starts to kick in..... and I don't feel they can be reliable till about 7 months..... seems to be an "ah-ha, can't potty in the house" understanding. 

It is best if you don't even let them get in a postion to fail. I gate off my kitchen (takes 3 gates) when I have a puppy - so if I can't be right on top of them, they at least make a mistake in an easy to clean up area. Otherwise, leashing them to you in the house is a good idea..... keeps them from getting into all kinds of trouble.  Use your crate also, but never leave them in it so long that they feel they have to go in it..... you really don't want a dog that learns to live in a dirty crate.

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I agree with the having them leashed to you while you are in the house. It seemed to be the ticket to teaching Luc to hold it, and it was also a good point for me to be able to pick up more in his potty signs.