Fostering/Potentially Adopting a 10~Month old Dobe HELP :)

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We offered to foster a beauty big boy (we named him Ken"Tuck"y, so Tuck :) ) from a kill shelter in Kentucky. He was driven up to us by a rescue and dropped off at our door. He is a GIANT love bug. Giant in size and giant in love :) We are not sure if we can keep him, we need to see how he adjusts to life in Manhattan and we have a normal sized but not large 1 bedroom apartment. I would really appreciate any and all suggestions on the below, only constructive, please. We recognize he would ideally have a big backyard and a mansion, but he was going to be put in a gas chamber since no one would take him and we offered him a new lease on life, so I ask you to think of that before anyone suggests that a 1bedroom apartment is no place for 2 dogs. Off soap box :) Thank you in advance to everyone for your expertise and suggestions!!!

Some background and questions:

Advice needed on dogs playing in the apt
Tuck is currently in a very large crate with a blanket. Jersey (our 4.5 year old rescue Weimaraner) has "full reign" of the house. That generally means she curls up on a ball on the couch. Tuck is currently receiving (along with my weim) 1 ~30 min walk AM, two mid day walks 1 hour each and an evening relief walk, so approximately 2.5 hours of exercise per day. When i let him out of the crate, he understandably wants to play with our weim, they are really too big to do this in our living room without breaking everything and being a danger to themselves. I KNOW everyone will say let them play, but it's not feasible in our space. Any suggestions from people with small spaces? Besides take them to to the dog run which is deal but not always possible? (this will be incorporated into their days when we get to know him better) :( Maybe some crazy awesome bones/game toys for them to chew (re: below)?

Advice needed on chewing
Tuck is an aggressive chewer. He decimated a rope bone in a mater of seconds, and rips stuffless stuffed animals in half. He ate a lot of the blanket last night, chewing holes in it. When he did this we sharply say "NO!" and ignore him. Would love suggestions of the best bones/chew toys, i'm pretty confident he can chew through anything, i've never seen anything like that in my life!!

Advice needed on mounting
He was recently neutered, but sees dog beds as just something to hump. Any work arounds? would love to have a dog bed for him, right now he's on a crate tray with a blanket (with holes in it per above :) )

General Opinion:
Anyone here have two large dogs in a 1br apt? I personally feel they get ample exercise (working on the mental element, training, toys/bones, games etc) Would love to hear from you and get your suggestions. I am a runner and he's a PERFECT gentleman on the gentle leader, but since he's not a year old i'm not sure if i should begin running with him yet due to his joints, but that said it would be a great way to burn off energy and give him a "task", maybe 3 miles to start? He could be a year old, they're just estimating.

Any other resources, links/websites would be appreciated. We love him to death, he literally is a giant ball of sunshine and rainbows, trying SO hard with his house training (random renegade pooping in crate last night for no apparent reason after being taken out, wondering if eating the blanket upset his stomach??) and we would love to keep him since we have the financial means, but we're not moving to a bigger apt...

Thank you all!

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Hello, and welcome!

I currently live with my parents in a 3 bedroom house. It's not large, but not too small. I like to think of it as 'cozy.' Tayoh isn't allowed in anyone's bedroom, except my own. Therefore, I'd like to think that you and I probably have around the same amount of living space for our dogs. The only big difference being that I have access to a yard. My yard isn't currently fenced in, and we're getting ready to start some yard-work that will require me to keep Tayoh off the lawn. So, no lawn for 2-3 months. 

However, I take Tayoh out of a morning for a walk that lasts about 1-1.5 hours. Then we come back home and work on training for about an hour. He's taken out to potty at least 3 times during the day, and we usually walk or train for half an hour after he pottys (potties?). 

I work of an afternoon (5-9 or 5-10, normally), so during this time my sister is taking him out to potty, if needed, and usually goes on a short walk. 

Usually, 4 or 5 days a week, we find a dog-friend to meet up with in the park if it's nice. If not, Tayoh and I head out to the pet friendly stores in town to hang around. :D

Just a bit of my experience. I don't have another dog of my own, so Tayoh doesn't really 'play' in the house, unless we're playing find it, or an easy game of fetch. 

He usually gets enough exersize, in my opinion. Sometimes he doesn't want to walk or train, he just flops down and tries to chill, lol. 

Some of the more experienced dobie people could probably give you more info. :D

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I personally wouldn't run him till your sure he's at least a year... some people wait till 2 yrs. It all depends on his personal growth. A light jog now and then shouldn't hurt him any, but no heavy running for a little while longer.

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Tayoh's onwer-

Thank you for this! I feel so much better reading this and hope to get him even more exercise. You're so sweet and thank you!!!!

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So, wait, you have him crated or else he'll romp with the Weim -- how much time in the crate is that?