First Doberman puppy!

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Hi all! I am Cindy, an American living in Germany, and we are bringing home our first Dobermann puppy on Saturday. We have a 10 year old Golden Retriever, and 4 kids ranging from age 3-14. I have read as much information as my old brain will hold on Dobermanns, and I've been close to two of them in my life.

Our puppy is a boy, 8 weeks old, both parents are schutzhundes, and are great dogs. My oldest son and I plan to do schutzhund training in our village club and also with the breeder's club. She is really nice and has some amazing dogs. Naturally we will do obedience as well as whatever else the clubs recommend.

Of course we are very excited to welcome a new member to the family, but I am also knowing this is a big job not to be taken lightly. I am hoping our dog, Cali, will have a helping paw in raising this puppy, as she is a very obedient, affectionate dog, and though she is older, she is in fantastic shape and loves fetching and going out for a big run. 

Okay, I hope I am not boring you, and any advice is appreciated and considered! I've owned lots of dogs in my time, but every one of them was different. I expect this one will surprise in many ways as well. 


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HI Cindy. and welcome to the Forum from an American living in Mexico.. How excited you must be to bring your new little boy home.

My thoughts on Cali... being a mature ( kind of an oxymoron for a Golden no??) lady.. I think she'll welcome the baby with much love and nuturing.

Their main goal in life is to please YOU and if it's something she thinks you'll like.. she'll adore the new one too.

Please take tons of pictures and share them with us.. we love babies!! ( and kids.. and Goldens)


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Welcome from Texas!  Enjoy the adventure raising kid #5 ... dobermans are unlike any other dog.  We have our first and have loved every minute (well, almost every one).  Tons of good information on this forum and some really good people too, read it all and you will find answers to questions you didn't even know to ask.  This forum has been a GREAT tool for us.

Herzlichen glückwunsch zu ihrem neuen hund Cindy.

You're gonna have so much fun doing IPO/Shutzhund. Don't get me wrong, it's alot of work and dedication. You'll be training when it's cold, wet, hot or dry. Shutzhund isn't baseball, they don't put off a trial for There's a lot to learn and will seem daunting but you'll get it.

If I had any advice to offer, I'd start teaching the puppy tracking like yesterday. Now if the club has different advice, go with them. They know what the judges are looking for and how to train it.

There is another thing I would do/have done is, every time that puppy makes eye contact with you, slip him a treat (don't drop it ). This will build focus on you.

Anyway, welcome, good luck and keep us up to date on your progress.


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Hi Cindy.

Congrats on your choice of breed. If your looking for a dog you can really involve yourself with, you cant go past a Dobe IMHO. They are so versatile. I'm raising mine as a therapy dog for my kids, but it would great to be able to work with IPO type training. I can understand the attraction.

Positive reinforcement is definitely the way to go. Always reward any behaviors you want. Plenty of praise will go a long way. With your youngest 3yo present, I would advise lots of down stay training.

For lots of good advice, you've come to the right place.

Enjoy getting to know your new family member.


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Thanks so much for the warm welcomes! We are getting everything in place today, and I am excited/nervous. I feel like it's the first day on a new job, and I want to make a good impression!

First in a long line of future questions: should I let the puppy sleep with my other dog in the crate, or should they be separated? My older dog likes her crate, but she has free run to come and go. I will be keeping the little one confined, at least til he's potty and chew trained.